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Wow! This expectant mom is just as sweet as she is beautiful. So happy I got to work with her today!

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Wow! What a day! Just got home from the ER. My son called me at 12:30 today and said he hurt his ankle. Between you and me, I thought he just wanted to come home early because, you know kids, school is almost out, not much is happening and he has a play to perform in tonight, so let’s call mom and go home early. Anyway, picked him up and took one look at his foot and off to the ER we go! After several hours the diagnosis was made…. broken bone on the left side of his foot right where the ligament is attached! Yes, he broke his foot one week before school is out for the summer! No CU basketball camp for him or any other camp for several weeks. He was a trooper though and still has a smile on his face! Oh, I can’t leave this part out! On the way home from the hospital he said, “Mom, when the day comes I’m going to make sure you are in the best nursing home because you are such a nice mom!” Well, I almost ran off the road laughing because I’m only 41 and he’s already thinking about taking care of me “when the day comes.” Love my boy! Wish us luck, because I’m not sure I’ll make a good nurse!

So this sweet family has been coming to see me for the last year and few months since this gorgeous mom was expecting! Such a beautiful family! Enjoy a few sneak peeks from Ms. Emery’s birthday session today. :)

You know how much I love black and white, but I just couldn’t bring myself to convert these since they all dressed in such a beautiful blue! :)

daddy's little man

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Just love this couple that came in today! So cute and so much fun to photograph. I think dad was a little hesitant but by the time we were done he was all smiles! :)

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Love the bright colors and this sweet little angel in the potted planter! She snoozed the entire time!

So many parents request this antique scale for the newborn baby portraits!

I love the way the light hits their skin on this one! Be sure to visit my Facebook page for more inspiration!

Definitely one of my favorites this year!

One of my new favs!

newborn baby photographer

I’ve have REALLY enjoyed photographing this sweet little girl since her mom was expecting! What a little angel! She would take my hand and lead me to the shooting area in the studio. Let’s just say she STOLE my heart!!!!! A couple of sneak peeks from her session. More on my Facebook page!

boulder colorado child photography studio

boulder colorado child and family photography

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