Everyone asks, “What is boudoir photography?”

What is Boudoir photography and why is it so popular? Everyone seems to have their own ideas about what boudoir photography is. Well, let’s start with what it isn’t. It isn’t sleazy, it isn’t degrading, and it doesn’t mean you have to be nude. I offer Conservative Couture Boudoir photography. I do not offer full nude, or soft porn boudoir. I offer very tasteful boudoir only. 🙂
So what is it all about? It’s about you and who you are on your more personal side. It’s about your own special beauty and sensuality. It’s about the experience and how it can make you feel about yourself. A boudoir session can be very empowering and FUN while preserving your experience for years to come.
Boudoir sessions have become very popular and fashionable because every woman wants or needs to know she is beautiful in her own way. Women want to express their uniqueness!
Sensual, flirty, romantic, sophisticated, the choice is yours! My Conservative Couture Boudoir sessions are for the discerning woman.
Some women are now treating themselves with this experience after a milestone achievement, weight loss or recovering from an illness or even divorce. It is also common now for brides to surprise their future husbands with a boudoir book on their wedding day. Many women who are military wives or military fiances are taking boudoir images to gift to their military significant other to have while they are away from home.
Now what to wear? Well that will depend on your personality. Basically, what are you comfortable wearing? A sexy robe, lingerie, boy shorts, corsets, fancy bras, stockings, heels, boots and jeans, jeans and a bra, bra with a wrap around your shoulders, etc., remember you don’t have to show skin if you don’t want to show skin, so maybe you just want to wear your husband’s favorite team tee. It’s all about you and your personality really so we will talk one-on-one in our phone consultation and decide on what works best for you.

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