I have so many moms call me that want maternity portraits but are concerned with how swollen their face, eyes, and nose are, until they are very hesitant to have maternity portraits. After receiving so many of these calls, (and remembering the days of not recognizing myself in the mirror when I was carrying my son!), I decided to start offering a special session… the Belly As Art maternity session. You can also read more about the session in my latest article for Expectant Mother’s Guide to Denver which will be coming out the first of the year.

The Belly As Art session captures artistic images of your belly, and the possibilities are endless. If you, or someone you know, is hesitant to have their maternity portraits taken, please tell them about the new Belly As Art session!

Even though you only see the belly, and the hands, this image represents the love and connection between the couple in anticipation of their baby.

This is the most requested pose I receive! It truly is a work of art! It’s still my favorite too!

Belly As Art maternity and pregnancy portraits are available at DeLanda Licata Photography, Colorado’s premier maternity and newborn portrait specialist.

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