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I think this client’s husband is going to love his anniversary gift…a boudoir album!

Denver Boudoir Photographer, DeLanda Licata, specializes in modern boudoir for women and has the only studio in Colorado offering a full strobe area, full size fully decorated boudoir bedroom, numerous backgrounds, props, and more, plus large waterfall outdoors on the studio grounds and nature areas right next door. Visit for more information.

Denver boudoir photographer

Boudoir portraits taken in the new boudoir room in the studio!

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Denver Colorado Boudoir

February 19, 2014

Denver Colorado boudoir studio specializing in artistic boudoir photography.

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Just a few boudoir sessions left before December! If you are interested in a boudoir session now is the time to sign up, especially if you are interested in giving them as a holiday gift 🙂

Denver Boudoir Photography Studio, specializing in artistic, creative, boudoir sessions for women of all ages and sizes. To view DeLanda’s boudoir portfolio visit her new website at Denver’s Leading Boudoir Photography Studio

Colorado boudoir photography specialist {studio and natural light studio

Looking for the perfect setup for your boudoir session in Colorado? DeLanda Licata, owner and photographer, has the perfect studio location and setup for both studio strobe images and a full-size new boudoir room with natural light. The Colorado boudoir bedroom is decorated with an iron bed, canopy, white sheers, white shabby chic bedding, candles, chairs, backgrounds, and much more for your boudoir images.

This image was taken in the natural light boudoir room inside the studio for DeLanda Licata Photography.

To view more images visit and be sure to follow the link to DeLanda’s Facebook page for the most recent sneak peeks from boudoir sessions.

Colorado Boudoir Photography {studio boudoir session

A sneak peek for you know who 🙂

Great session in the new boudoir room at the studio!

Colorado boudoir photography specialist, DeLanda Licata, is located in Boulder, Colorado. The studio offers both a strobe area and a new full-size boudoir bedroom. Visit my boudoir site for more information.

Denver Colorado boudoir photographer; Boulder studio

What a fun boudoir session with this beautiful client! We took a combination of images in the boudoir room and in the studio area.

Now, if I can just get someone to use the tub in the studio for a bubble bath portrait during one of their boudoir sessions! I completely forgot to ask this client today! Darn! 🙂

If you are interested in a boudoir session and live in Colorado, be sure to visit my site at COUTURE BOUDOIR.

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DeLanda Licata Photography, is located in Boulder, Colorado across from Chautauqua Park. The full-size studio offers both studio and a room for natural light portraits, and the location is perfect for adding an outdoor session at beautiful Chautauqua Park.

I absolutely love the women that I get to work with for boudoir sessions! These are real women who have had children, have stretch marks, aren’t a size 0, but want tasteful, sexy, flirty, sensual boudoir images for their spouse or significant other to enjoy! Every woman wants to feel beautiful and sexy at every point of her life, and that’s where I come in! My lighting and photography skills produce boudoir portraits that women love! It makes me so happy to receive the emails and comments from my boudoir clients telling me just how much they LOVE their boudoir portraits and some love them so much they are scheduling to come back in next year. The new boudoir bedroom in the studio has also received wonderful comments for how it’s decorated and the romantic images that are produced in the natural light boudoir room in addition to the studio area.
If you’ve been thinking about having a boudoir session but are hesitant, you can stop surfing the internet because my studio is THE boudoir studio for Colorado women!
I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂

DeLanda Licata, owner and photographer, located in Boulder, Colorado owns a state-of-the-art studio for your boudoir portraits.

Colorado boudoir photographers studio limited time special!

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