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Boulder Newborn Baby Photographer {baby pictures in Boulder, CO}


DeLanda Licata, Boulder’s premiere newborn baby photographer has been specializing in photographing newborn babies for over 13 years.  Classic, timeless, and modern newborn baby pictures are what sets her work apart from other photographers.  The trends of babies in baskets, water buckets, antique bowls, hanging in cocoons, and propped up in every imaginable position are gone.  The industry is back to timeless and classic newborn baby portraits that will hang on your wall for years to come and that will be handed down through generations.


To contact DeLanda about scheduling your newborn baby photography session please follow this link to Boulder’s premiere newborn baby photographer.  Current discount specials will be on the website.

Editing images from the sweetest little newborn baby I photographed last week. I keep stopping to post a sneak peek because her images are all just so darn precious! 🙂

Denver baby photography {absolutely beautiful

Denver, Colorado baby photography expert, DeLanda Licata, specializes in unique custom portraits of your newborn baby. Visit her website at for more information

Denver maternity and baby photography {beautiful

It’s difficult to believe that Jennifer is expecting baby #2! Seems like just yesterday she came in for her maternity portraits with Skyler. I’m always so touched when clients make a long trip for me to take their maternity and baby portraits. 🙂

Denver‘s first choice for maternity and baby portraits. DeLanda specializes in artistic images of maternity and baby photography that’s always creative and unique capturing the beauty of your pregnancy. Sessions book months in advance so call the studio if you are interested in a maternity session. To view DeLanda’s portfolio visit her website and also her Facebook page for the latest sneak peeks!

Since I specialize in newborn baby photography, I’m always being asked certain questions quiet often by first-time parents that haven’t been in for newborn baby portraits. I thought I’d write a quick post on my blog to help everyone better understand when and how to get the best newborn baby portraits from your session.

First, it’s very important to schedule your newborn baby session months in advance. I personally, book six months in advance, even though sometimes I’m not sure of my schedule I can still put your down on a first-come first-serve basis waiting list.

Second, do not, I repeat, do not, trust your newborn baby portraits to a photographer that is building their portfolio! I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard through the professional grapevine of infants being injured due to an inexperienced photographer. What they don’t realize is some of the shots we take are a little bit smoke and mirrors and should never be taken “as seen” of a newborn! Never! These are tiny little delicate newborns that need the utmost care and their safety should be the first priority!!!!!! It is very upsetting to see an image of a newborn hanging from a tree or prop just for the sake of some unexperienced photographer to get a shot! So I repeat, only trust an experienced photographer with these tiny precious little beings. If a photographer doesn’t have experience they need to intern with a seasoned photographer. I have five years experience in photographing newborns and my clients can tell you that I take absolutely every precaution necessary!

Third, your newborn should be photographed in the first two days to ten days after birth. Their sleep cycle starts to change after the first two weeks, and even though you would think it would be just the same to photograph a two-week-old baby or three-week-old baby, it’s not the same by any stretch of the imagination. You can only get the curled up poses in the first two weeks. After that the baby will most likely be awake and their arms and legs will be moving, which doesn’t exactly make for a great image.

Fourth, be sure to discuss your desires for the session with the photographer. If you both have a clear understanding of what’s to take place and what props are your priority the better chance you have of images you’ll be pleased with from the gallery.

I personally offer a combination of images of the newborn baby alone, and with each parent individually and together. I encourage parents to focus on timeless classic newborn baby photography portraits, and not get overly concerned with the props, because trends come and go, but classic portraits will be treasured for a lifetime.

Be sure to feed the baby before you leave for the studio. A full baby is a happy baby! 🙂

I keep my studio at a very toasty heat so the newborn will feel comfy. I’ve spared no expense on setting my studio up for newborn portraits with special wiring to run the additional heaters in the shooting area. This ensures a happy baby.

You’ll want to coordinate your clothing and most likely take a change of clothing to the studio too, because there is always an accident during a newborn session that leaves mom or dad soaked from baby’s tinkle! I’ve captured a couple of hilarious shots of newborn baby boys like this! LOL!

Try to get a good night’s sleep, but that’s probably easier said than done at this early stage. A professional photographer will offer edits to help you appear rested so you look your best in your images with the newborn baby. I offer these free-of-charge to my newborn baby photography clients. After all, I want you to look your best!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. That’s what I’m here for 🙂

This little angel slept the entire session! What a sweetie to photograph. :0

Denver’s first choice for newborn baby photography. For more information visit my website to view the baby portfolio.

Had such a wonderful time working with this sweet Denver, Colorado family photographing their newborn baby girl!

Denver’s leading newborn baby photographer, DeLanda Licata, specializes in newborn baby portraits for babies two days old to 10 days old. Visit for more information.

Denver baby photographer {daddy’s little princess

Denver baby photographer, DeLanda Licata, specializes in artistic portraits of newborn babies for the Colorado and Front Range areas. Sessions book months in advance so be sure to visit for more information.

There is just something about a newborn baby in a fireman’s helmet that brings tears to my eyes. Maybe it’s because these men risk their lives to protect that moves me or it’s the combination of this little girl’s newborn innocence and her dad’s bravery. Whatever it is, I love this image of Lily in her dad’s helmet.

Colorado’s expert newborn baby photographer, DeLanda Licata, specializes in studio portraits of maternity and newborns for the Colorado area. View her portfolio or call for more information.

If you’ve follow me on Facebook (which seems to be acting up today because it isn’t letting me post sneak peeks! They keep showing up then vanishing!) you have heard about the new expansion of my business to now include Studio L, the outdoor section of my business that will handle the outdoor sessions!

This sweet couple loves the outdoors and my associate Bronwyn photographed them while I was away in Crested Butte. Love! Love! Love! this beautiful family’s images and the joy and excitement you can see on their faces from the arrival of their son! 🙂

Don’t forget, we are now scheduling Studio L sessions for tots to teens and families for this fall and get your name on our upcoming snow-day portraits waiting list! FUN!