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What an awesome boudoir session in my boudoir photography studio located in beautiful Boulder, CO.  This bridal boudoir photo session is just a sample of the stunning boudoir photos my Boulder and Denver boudoir photography clients enjoy from a session at Denver Boudoir Photography Studio! 

Boulder Colorado Boudoir

DeLanda Licata Photography, LLC, specializes in artistic maternity and boudoir photography for women capturing the beauty in your pregnancy and boudoir portraits.

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As Colorado’s premier boudoir photographer, I have been photographing boudoir sessions for women for the last 11 years.  It’s wonderful to watch the transformation when a woman walks through my Boulder Boudoir Studio door and she goes from being nervous about her boudoir session to confident and relaxed within minutes.  All it takes is those first few boudoir pictures in the studio and letting the client see the actual boudoir images so she knows just how gorgeous she looks through the lens of my camera!  I love hearing her words behind a huge smile on her face, “Oh, I love it!  I never knew I could look so sexy!”  That’s my goal of every boudoir session for each Denver Boudoir Photography Studio Session!  Empower women through professional boudoir photography!


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Denver’s leading maternity and boudoir photographer, DeLanda Licata, offers a large variety of custom maternity gowns, lingerie, clothing, props, and more for your maternity and boudoir session. Visit to view the boudoir galleries and to view the maternity galleries.

What a great session at Boulder Maternity Photography Studio located in beautiful Boulder, CO!  Specializing in maternity photography in the Denver, Boulder, and Front Range area of Colorado.  Voted #1 maternity photographer for Boulder, CO and the Denver area!




Boulder Colorado’s maternity photographer


DeLanda Licata has been specializing in maternity and boudoir photography for the Denver and Boulder area’s since 2005!  Full boudoir studio in Boulder, CO and full maternity studio serving the Denver area.  Visit for more information!

Boulder Colorado Boudoir Photographer located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado is now offering discounted boudoir sessions.  For a limited time the boudoir sessions are on special for $99.  Boulder boudoir photography sessions are normally $300.  To contact the studio please follow the links or feel free to text me anytime.  I’ll work with you personally to plan your boudoir portrait session!



DeLanda Licata Photography, LLC has been voted #1 boudoir photographer in the Denver, and Front Range area for both maternity and boudoir photography.  Please visit my website for more information or feel free to call the studio anytime.

How to Choose a Boudoir Photographer

I get asked a lot about boudoir photography. What’s a session like? Who books these kinds of boudoir shoots? How exactly does it work? What do you photoshop – can you make me look smaller? What should I wear? Etc, etc, etc. I also get asked about what separates a good boudoir photographer from the rest and what kinds of questions you should ask when booking a session with a boudoir photographer. I hope to answer those questions in this post.

First and foremost, I think a boudoir photographer should be passionate about working with and photographing women. If you’ve found a photographer who shoots boudoir because they love creating an amazing experience and beautiful photographs for their clients, then you’ve started your search in the right place. I see many photographers who have begun shooting boudoir simply because it’s popular. Boudoir is more than just booking sessions for a paycheck and shooting sexy images. It’s about empowering women and celebrating femininity, our curves and our inner beauty. Finding a photographer who understands that and knows how to leverage their passion to create stunning images is super important.

If you’ve found a photographer who loves boudoir and is excited about his or her work, next you need to find out how much experience they’ve had. Shooting boudoir is more difficult than most would think and requires more skill than the average photographer has. In addition to boudoir, I also shoot maternity and I find that shooting portraits of only women or in the case of maternity, women and their family, it’s best to find someone who specializes in these styles of work. Having had years to build a portfolio and work with a variety of women and body types has allowed me to create a solid understanding of what it takes to capture a beautiful boudoir image. Still, with all of those sessions and training under my belt, I am challenged at every shoot to create a better image. To provide a better experience for my client. To make my shots more believable. To master that one pose that makes every woman’s body look amazing. I love that. Your photographer should feel similarly.  Don’t settle for less!

When it comes to the specifics about a photographer’s experience, there are a few important things to consider. How long have they been shooting boudoir? About how many sessions per month or week do they book? If you’ve found a photographer who is just starting to get into this business, I recommend that you continue your search. Experience in posing women is crucial to an amazing boudoir portrait. An inexperienced photographer will likely pose you in unflattering positions and shoot from the wrong angle leaving you with cheesy looking images. Posing isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s not just about having a woman lying in a bed with her hair all spread out around her, or a shot of her booty or of her chest. It’s about body language and creating a believable image. It’s about creating an image that tells a story. The goal is to create an image that conveys who the woman is on the inside and what she’s thinking. An experienced boudoir photographer understands how and why to pose the body a certain way. Ask your photographer to explain how he/she approaches posing during a session. If their response sounds well-thought out and practiced, you’ll be in good hands. If the response sounds wishy-washy, or they say that they “go with the flow,” or if the tone behind the answer is uncertain, it would be in your best interest to continue your search.

I personally have been photographing women for 11 years and specializing in strictly maternity and boudoir for 7.  I used to offer sessions for the newborns of my pregnant clients but became so moved with joy at empowering women through boudoir portraits that I decided to dedicate my business strictly to photographing women in 2010.

Denver Boudoir Photographer


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DeLanda Licata has been photographing women and boudoir photography since 2010 and specializes in women of all ages, shapes and size.  Specializing in modern, playful, sexy boudoir portraits for women in the Colorado area.  Contact the studio for more information or visit my website at

Loveland Colorado’s leading boudoir photographer offering discounted sessions and packages through the holidays. Every boudoir session is customized to fit your personal portrait needs. The boudoir studio is filled with items for your boudoir session such as designer boudoir shoes, boudoir jewelry, and more. Serving all of the Colorado area!

Loveland Colorado boudoir photographer

DeLanda Licata has been voted #1 boudoir photographer for four years in a row by Thumbtac! Featured on the cover of various magazines and on Chanel 7 News for her boudoir and maternity work in the Colorado area. Call the boudoir studio for more information.

DeLanda Licata is Fort Collins’ #1 modern boudoir photographer offering creative boudoir sessions at affordable prices!

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Denver Boudoir Photography

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Denver Boudoir

April 30, 2014

Another transformation to “Boudoir Beautiful”!

Denver Boudoir Photographer, specializing in modern boudoir photography. Full studio with strobe area, plus full-size boudoir fully decorated boudoir bedroom. Denver Boudoir Photography Studio