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Love the pictures of Riley and his baby sisters from the newborn twin session yesterday!  What a good sport he was during the entire session.  So sweet!

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What an awesome session photographing twins, Alina and Avery. These little girls just stole my heart! One look at them and you can see why!!!!! Precious!

It was close to four hours in the studio and I just finished my other sessions for the day, so I’m just posting one sneak peek for now! More to come later! 🙂

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Wow! What a session! This little guy snoozed the entire time! (Thanks Noah, for being soooooo easy to photograph! 🙂

Did I tell you his mom is gorgeous or what????? Jason brought his guitar (you can check out his fan page on Facebook; Jason Roma) and we got a lot of incredible pics. Can’t wait to see little Noah grow up! What a cutie.

On another note, it’s been a crazy few weeks! A lot of my moms were overdue and then some early and now a mom of twins is over six weeks early. I’ve hired an assistant and I’m gearing up for lots of newborn sessions this month! Check back Thursday to see pics of the twin girls I’m photographing in the studio on Wednesday. But then again, maybe check back Friday, because I have a feeling I’ll be beat after three or four hours in the toasty warm studio! LOL! We all know there is no way I can wait to post the sneak peeks of the twins! LOL!

Enjoy a few sneak peeks of sweet Noah. 🙂

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Took this little guy’s pics today!  Wait until you see the others!  OMGoodness!  His dad brought his guitar and his mom is gorgeous!  Wow!  What a beautiful couple.  Sweet Noah snoozed the entire time.  What a cutie patooty!

I finished their session just in time to make it to my son’s basketball game.  We won!  Yippee!  Go team!  My son has really started coming alive on the basketball court.  Which, of course, excites me since that was my sport growing up in the big 1-A school.  hahahaha

Enjoy a quick sneak peek of Noah!  Have a great weekend. 🙂

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January 21, 2011

Well, I know it’s already January 20th, so maybe it’s a little too late to start making a New Year’s resolution, but I guess it’s better late than never! So my goal is to start posting on my blog more often….at least that’s one of my goals! The other goal is, of course, get out of the studio more often and stay active! I can’t help it though, because everyday when I take a session I’m like a kid at Christmas. I can’t wait to start editing the pictures from the day. But usually I just post them on Facebook, and neglect exercising and my blog! Well, not anymore! (Can you tell I just got off the elliptical? hahahaha) Seriously! Just did!

OK. Enough about my goals and more about this little guy! I’ve actually had this on my computer waiting to be posted for several months, but just came up for air after the rush of the holidays. He’s over 9 lbs of sweet sweet baby! Just loved photographing this little guy.

Gotta go….time to cook dinner! 🙂


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What a BEAUTIFUL mom I got to photograph this morning!  She is absolutely stunning.  I loved all of her ideas for her maternity portraits and had so much fun photographing her with the angel wings.  Even though we had to get a little creative for keeping them on her with the fan blowing at full speed! 🙂

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Well, the blog has been quiet for a week because I’ve been in Cabo celebrating my 16 year anniversary with my awesome husband! 🙂 So I’ve had a little R&R, and I’m so excited about the New Year! New products! New pricing! New specials! And I’ve ordered even more new props! I think my clients are excited too, because I have signed up 7 new sessions in 48 hours!!!!!!

This little guy was so EASY to photograph! He’s over three weeks old and I was able to capture a lot of the sleeping images that you usually can’t get with a baby this age. Plus, we got a lot of great images with his eyes open! Cutie pie! So many cute expressions.

Enjoy a few sneak peeks! If you’re just visiting the blog be sure to check out the new specials on my website or call the studio.

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I think by now everyone knows just how much I LOVE photographing newborns. Not just “like” my job, but LOVE my job! This family just helped boost my LOVE to a whole new level. Seriously! Andres (big brother) and Alia (big sister), were so SWEET! You never really know how little ones are going to react in the studio during a newborn session. After all, they just had a new baby come into their life and turn the world as they new it upside down. (My husband and I have four children, so I’ve experienced this myself!) Let’s just say it can usually create a few challenges. But not these kiddos. They were AWESOME! It was wonderful to watch how they interacted with their new baby brother. So much love for each other! I think you can tell by the sneak peeks below what a close family the Quintanar family is and now they have baby Aaron to add to the mix. Congrats! 🙂

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