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OMGoodness! Little Ms. Olivia is such a cutie! Look at her hair….so adorable. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever been able to actually clip a bow in a newborn’s hair. She slept through the entire session. Seriously! Mom, dad, and I had such a great time at her session. Even after the session was over she was still snoozing, so we had to wake her up. hahahaha So sweet! Take a look and you’ll see for yourself! 🙂

Be on the lookout for this image in a big 30×40 canvas on display at Becoming Mothers in Boulder! It will be in their newborn section.

Denver, Colorado newborn photographer, DeLanda Licata, specializes in maternity and newborn portraits through the first year. Visit or call 303-717-1952 for more information.

What a great session with three little ones! It’s been a very busy week, so I’m catching up on editing this afternoon. Enjoy a few sneak peeks!

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DeLanda Licata specializes in maternity and newborn portraits in Boulder, Colorado. Visit for more information.

I remember drinking an ice-cold Coca Cola from the local country store I used to visit when I was a kid. My mom would give us a couple of dollars and my sister and I could go to the store and buy a treat or two. Mine was always a Coke and Kit Kat bar. Yum! Just thinking about it I can almost taste that cold Coke right now! (OK, I’m making myself crave a coke and something sweet!) Now that I’m older it’s a diet Coke I reach for, but a Coke nonetheless. I bought this antique Coke crate on Ebay (you all know I can get very competitive bidding on Ebay!) several months ago, and I was so excited today when my client’s husband asked for the old Coke crate, because guess what, he works for Coke! Imagine the luck! Thank goodness he didn’t ask for a Pepsi crate! 🙂

Little Tarn weighs in at a whopping 6.12 lbs! He was so much fun to photograph and I have a feeling the picture of him in the Coke crate is going to be a big hit at his dad’s office!

I couldn’t decide between the color or black and white with a little color. Which do you like?

I was putting my camera down when he started to smile, so luckily I was able to quickly snap this shot!

Boulder baby photographer, DeLanda Licata, specializes in artistic portraits of maternity and babies through the first year. Visit for more information or call the studio at 303-717-1952.

What a sweet little angel baby Stori was for her entire newborn portrait session. She looked so cute in every hat and outfit it was difficult to decide which to post for her sneak peeks. Just love the pic of Ashli and her mom holding Stori in their hands, and of course, the hands of all the girls, Ashli’s sister included for the shot too! I think this little angel is going to be a little princess. What fun they are going to have. So sweet!

I love pics like this! You can see how tiny their little hands are! 🙂

What a great shot of all of their hands on baby Stori!

Stori’s grandmother made this blanket for her!

Arvada Colorado maternity and baby photographer, DeLanda Licata, specializes in maternity and newborn portraits through the first year. For more information visit or call 303-717-1952.

Only one word needed for this picture…WOW! Thought I’d try a new lighting technique with a familiar pose, and absolutely love the result!

My clients love the new Wave album in a 3×3 for 12 pics of your maternity or newborn images! Perfect for grandparents and for carrying in your purse. Choose a picture for the cover and one for the back, then 10 for the inside. Check it out!

Just click on the picture or follow this link:

DeLanda specializes in maternity and newborn baby portraits through the first year. Visit for more information

I consider myself so lucky to photograph bellies and babies! People always ask me how I decided to specialize and it’s as simple as “It’s the happiest time in a couples’ life!” Even though I still photograph the occasional actor or musician’s headshot session for their portfolio or website (I enjoy the artistic side of photography!), over 90% of my business is maternity and newborns through the first year. It took several careers and almost 40 years for me to learn that you absolutely must do what you love in life or it just becomes work!

This couple is sooooo sweet! I really enjoyed getting to know them and can’t wait to see this little one over the next year. I’ve now had the pleasure of meeting his friend for their maternity session and his sister is coming in next week for her baby portraits. 🙂

Well, so much for my 2011 New Year’s resolution to post on my blog every day! How long did that last???? Oh, well, I know it’s been awhile, but you can always view the latest sneak peeks on my Facebook page. 🙂

What a beautiful family I photographed this week. So many gorgeous pics from their session! Check out a few sneak peeks, but there are more on Facebook. 🙂

Love this hat her grandmother knitted. I’m hoping she will start making some custom items for me! 🙂

Newborn portrait photographer, DeLanda Licata, is located in Boulder, Colorado, and specializes in maternity and newborn portraits through the first year. Visit for more information.