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Looking at this image taken in the studio today I can’t seem to stop singing the song by Dwight Yokem “Little Sister”! Seriously! It’s been stuck in my head for about an hour. LOL!

Enjoy a couple of sneak peeks. YOu can view more of their images on my Facebook page. 🙂

Colorado’s premier baby and child photographer, DeLanda Licata, is located in Boulder, Colorado. Her studio is state-of-the-art and she offers sessions for maternity, newborns, and babies through the first year. Visit for more information.

I think the title says it all! 🙂

boulder denver colorado baby photography


Denver and Boulder baby photography studio located across from Chautauqua Park in Boulder. Visit for more information.

So glad I was able to get this sweet couple in for a session! It’s been a very hectic summer and even busier August getting the kiddos back to school. My sweet neighbor just took my car to go pick the boys up from football so I can focus on getting caught up on editing! What an awesome friend!

Enjoy a few sneak peeks!

BTW – I don’t really advertise that I offer mentoring for other photographers, but I’ve received several requests lately. I’m so busy in the studio that I can’t devote a lot of time to mentoring, but know how difficult it is to start in this business, so if you are looking for feedback on your work don’t hesitate to email me. 🙂

Niwot baby maternity photography

denver boulder colorado maternity studio portraits

denver colorado maternity newborn baby photography

DeLanda Licata specializes in artistic maternity and newborn photography. The studio is located in Boulder, Colorado across from beautiful Chautauqua Park. Visit her website at for more information and to view her galleries.

Have to say I was having a bit of a sad day because my son started 7th grade yesterday morning, which left me at the kitchen table taking a trip down memory lane and sitting there with tear filled eyes. It seems like it was just yesterday I was sending him off for his first day at mother’s day out! Where did the years go?

So as I sat there thinking about all the years that have gone by it occurred to me that’s the reason I’m in this business… to capture those special memories and moments that we as parents cherish that seem to be gone in a blink of an eye. I got up from the kitchen table and went to the computer where I have all of our pictures stored (of course, they are on back up drives, prints, etc.) to have an actual picture to look at of my sweet boy’s smile when he was a baby. Even though I can remember him well at that age, there is nothing like looking at an actual picture, because time has a way of causing our memories to fade a bit, and at least for me, the exact image of his toothy smile becomes a bit blurred.

It was very touching for my heart to be able to look at the sparkly eyes of my little guy as a toddler and helped ease the sadness I felt because he’s grown up so fast and is half way through junior high!

Enjoy a couple of sneak peeks from yesterday’s session. I’m so glad this couple came in and they will have these images of their sweet baby Jack to cherish for a lifetime, and hopefully, one day his mom, Kate, will be able to turn to them to help her remember the exact details of baby Jack during these special moments because he’ll be grown before you know it!

Boulder Colorado baby photographer

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denver colorado baby photography

Boulder, Colorado’s premier baby photographer, DeLanda Licata, specializes in maternity and newborn baby photography. Visit her site at for more information.