Usually when there is a time change it doesn’t phase me, but for some reason this year it really threw me for a loop! Let’s just say my husband now has a newfound appreciation for his short 15-minute morning dance back and forth with our son that consists of “Are you up yet?” with a short reply from our son of “Almost”, compared to his morning questioning of me last week which after 30 minutes ended with “Honey, are you going to even get up today?” ! Ha! So this week is much better and I’ve caught up on my zzzzz’s and now I’m back to work and in somewhat of a Spring cleaning mode! So from zero to 90, here I go! 🙂

Just a few more sneak peeks of the twins from last week. Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Lindsay Weitzel says:

    Love them in the little grey knits!