I remember drinking an ice-cold Coca Cola from the local country store I used to visit when I was a kid. My mom would give us a couple of dollars and my sister and I could go to the store and buy a treat or two. Mine was always a Coke and Kit Kat bar. Yum! Just thinking about it I can almost taste that cold Coke right now! (OK, I’m making myself crave a coke and something sweet!) Now that I’m older it’s a diet Coke I reach for, but a Coke nonetheless. I bought this antique Coke crate on Ebay (you all know I can get very competitive bidding on Ebay!) several months ago, and I was so excited today when my client’s husband asked for the old Coke crate, because guess what, he works for Coke! Imagine the luck! Thank goodness he didn’t ask for a Pepsi crate! 🙂

Little Tarn weighs in at a whopping 6.12 lbs! He was so much fun to photograph and I have a feeling the picture of him in the Coke crate is going to be a big hit at his dad’s office!

I couldn’t decide between the color or black and white with a little color. Which do you like?

I was putting my camera down when he started to smile, so luckily I was able to quickly snap this shot!

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2 Responses to “Boulder baby photography {11 days old”

  1. Casey says:


    We love our preview photos! You are amazing with the camera – and newborns. And the photo shoot just went so smoothly. Can’t wait to see the rest.


  2. Gordon and Sharon says:

    Love the photos especially the coke one in color. Coke should use
    it in a commerical. Looking forward to seeing the others pictures
    and ordering some.