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I remember drinking an ice-cold Coca Cola from the local country store I used to visit when I was a kid. My mom would give us a couple of dollars and my sister and I could go to the store and buy a treat or two. Mine was always a Coke and Kit Kat bar. Yum! Just thinking about it I can almost taste that cold Coke right now! (OK, I’m making myself crave a coke and something sweet!) Now that I’m older it’s a diet Coke I reach for, but a Coke nonetheless. I bought this antique Coke crate on Ebay (you all know I can get very competitive bidding on Ebay!) several months ago, and I was so excited today when my client’s husband asked for the old Coke crate, because guess what, he works for Coke! Imagine the luck! Thank goodness he didn’t ask for a Pepsi crate! 🙂

Little Tarn weighs in at a whopping 6.12 lbs! He was so much fun to photograph and I have a feeling the picture of him in the Coke crate is going to be a big hit at his dad’s office!

I couldn’t decide between the color or black and white with a little color. Which do you like?

I was putting my camera down when he started to smile, so luckily I was able to quickly snap this shot!

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Sometimes I start editing images and one edit leads to another and then another. Today I must be in an “antique” mood, if there is such a mood. Maybe I’m just feeling sentimental or something??? Every portrait from sweet little Tallulah’s session just seemed to call for a sepia tone, antique background, etc., so before I knew it I looked up and the clock said 5:27, so I’m just posting a few sneak peeks for now. I need to get ready for the twins tomorrow morning! 🙂

DeLanda Licata Photography

I can hardly believe it’s been almost six months since I photographed this little guy!  Cutie pie!  Oh, my, gosh, just look at those expressions.  I only have time to post a couple of pics today, but will post more soon!  There are soooo many great pictures from the session, so be sure to check back for more sneak peeks!

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Denver baby photography

Oh, sweet Annabelle! I have to say this little one is not only a sweetie, but she has the same name as my late grandmother, so when Amy pulled out the blocks to spell her name at the maternity session, I was already on pins and needles to photograph her! However, it was looking like we may not get to have her session, because she just wasn’t ready to make her debut! Then, I was scheduled to leave town for eight days, but Amy e-mailed me and we arranged for her to come in right before I left town so we could get a few images of Annabelle at less than a week old. Well, this little gal slept the entire time! We didn’t just get a few great images, we got a lot of incredible images! I just arrived in Crested Butte and I couldn’t wait to unpack and start editing her portraits. So enjoy a few sneak peeks! I will post more tomorrow!!!!

Denver baby photographer, DeLanda Licata, specializes in artistic maternity and baby portraits.  Her studio is located in Boulder, Colorado.  To view her portfolio visit DeLanda Licata Photography.

Boulder baby photography {Chase’s Session

Sweet, sweet baby! Enjoy a few sneak peeks from Chase’s baby session!

Boulder baby photography specialist, DeLanda Licata, is Boulder’s maternity and newborn photogrpahy portrait expert. DeLanda’s portraits have been published in Denver’s Expectant Mother’s Guide. To view her portfolio visit

Baby Photography Boulder, Colorado {Bodhi’s session

Isn’t this the cutest baby you’ve ever seen? Just look at those cheeks and that hair! Little Bodhi was the EASIEST baby I have ever photographed. Not that I don’t enjoy all the babies I get to work with, because we all know how much I love photographing babies, and if I had my way I would adopt a house full of babies, but that’s another story. Anyway, this little guy never cried and was content just to hang out while the studio strobes flashed around him. Mom had a great pregnancy and you can tell! So enjoy a few sneak peeks of this little angel.

Boulder baby photography specialist, DeLanda Licata, is located in Boulder, Colorado, across from Chautauqua Park. To view her portfolio please visit

Boulder baby photography {Ayden’s session
What an adorable family! This little guy’s session was over two hours and he was HAPPY (and wide awake!) the entire time. So much fun to photograph him and his parents. Can’t wait to see this little blue-eyed cutie grow up – a definite heart breaker!

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A sneak peek from Desi’s baby session! {Boulder baby photography}

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